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LasertagEuropa is a manufacturer and a seller of laser tag equipment with its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

Our aim is making laser tag available to each customer and ensuring his reliable longstanding work.

We are a team of experts that possess experience of many years in laser tag business. The experience in developing our own club allowed us to create laser tag equipment, which, in the first place, is made exactly for rent. Because we experienced firsthand, what is the process of creating and developing of a laser tag club.

By experimenting, cutting teeth, receiving invaluable experience, we developed a model of maximum effectiveness for conducting laser tag business, which is now successfully used by clubs of our clients.

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Our equipment.

Laser tag hardware LasertagEuropa is a result of painstaking work. This is months of researching and testing every device. This is new ideas and technologies that we produce and realize just for you.

At this moment our proudness and our highest achievement is the launch of our own creation —  FALCON gaming kits. This assault rifle is an embodiment of accumulated ideas and a realization of something , laser tag lacked for years.

Best prices
Here you are awaited by the best offers by criteria of  “price”, “quality”, “possibilities”. We will find an ideal solution for you!

24 month warranty

All purchasers that gave their preference to laser tag equipment «» are provided with our after-sales service for 24 months.

High quality and capabilities of laser tag equipment

All the production is developed and manufactured by experienced professionals with the help of specialized equipment, which is a guarantee of quality and reliability. Our constant strive for perfection has allowed us to make laser tag more diverse from the technical aspect and to satisfy the entourage with new possibilities of our devices. We offer only modern wireless laser tag equipment.

Consultation and technical support

We are open for any of our clients. You can always get in touch with us and get comprehensive answers on exploitation and repair issues of the equipment or receive consultation related to conduct of business.

We offer readymade business

You don’t just buy equipment from us, you buy a readymade business. Each our client receives a marketing material package that is based on our successful experience in laser tag business.

We are trusted

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Declaracion CE F1L

The technologies and developments that are realized in our equipment have already received high ratings in 12 countries of Europe and America.

Clubs that use our gear continue to develop successfully and to collaborate with our company. The most objective evaluation of the work we have done can be received from any our client.

Possibility of crediting and paying by installments

We are always willing to meet halfway with the client and consider all possible variants for buying our laser tag equipment and organizing successful laser tag club in your city!

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CIF ID: ESB66503848
IBAN: ES2101821797310201730807