LasertagEuropa SL company continues to improve its laser tag equipment. We would like to bring to your attention an improved «Control point». It is hard to imagine modern laser tag club without this device, as exactly the control point is an essential attribute of the most exciting scripts. All the functional part of the device remains the same, but the color indication have changed.

In the previous version as a color indicator RGB diode tape was used. In the updated version, 8 LEDs came on substitution for RGB  diode tape and they are located along the perimeter of the upper part of the check point body.

control point

This change has given not only more presentable appearance to the device. These RGB-LEDs transmit colors more brightly (blue, red, yellow, green), and also have a high resistance to rental loads, due to the fact that each diode is placed in a metal case which protects it from damage and contributes to a longer life.



Control point is one of the main elements of many laser tag game scripts, in particular one of the most popular — «Control point capture». The device consists of the support and the body on the outside part of which there is RGB-indicator tape, a power button and a connector for the charger. There is an electronic board with IR receiver , an IR transmitter, a speaker and a battery inside the body.


Control point setting

The task of the control point is to fix its «capture» by players of different teams, to summarize the total capture time of each team and determine the winner.
Control point holding time for determining the winner of the round is programmed by the remote control. For setting you have to turn the control point on by the button  universal-point-2 in the botton of the body.  At this time the indicator tape lights up in white. Next you have to turn on the remote control. To increase the holding period for one minute you have to direct IR emitter vertically in the upper part of the control point, press the «double life.» universal-point-8 You can set the maximum time of 10 minutes. To decrease by one minute you have to press the «team color change».  universal-point-9

Each time you press the appropriate buttons on the remote control the control point will respond with beeps and short white indicator tape flashes, the amount of which will correspond to the set minutes of the control point holding time.


Game Mode

When turning on the control point reproduces the sound and the light alarm with white color. The number of signals corresponds to the set time, in minutes, that is required for holding the control point.
For fixing the capture of the control point you have to point the taggers emitter its top part, holding the weapon at an acute angle to the vertical, as if you are firing inside the device. This is due to the fact that the IR defeat sensor receiver is in the lower part of the control point. This place of the sensor eliminates false alarms from a distance. Each capture by the player stops the timer of holding by the previous player, the timer of his team turns on, the control point beeps and lights up one of the 4 colors (red, blue, yellow, green) that corresponds to the team color of the occupier. In addition to this there is a sound warning in all tags: «Control point is captured.» If the control point is captured by the opponent, it starts to glow with his team color. The timer is constantly summarizes the holding time of each team and, if the maximum time is reached, the control point signals the end of the round by the beep and the flashing indicator tape with the color of the winning team.

Restarting the control point is the «New Game» button  
universal-point-3 on the  remote control. The device responds in the same way as if it is first turned on.