RGB sensor headband which substituted the old model comprised all features necessary for players’ comfort and reliable work in clubs as many years’ experience and our client feedback was considered while it was designed.

RGB headband 3 1

LasertagEuropa headband features.

Its textile base is adjustable to fit any age player. It has four hit sensors, a control unit and a hygiene band.

The control unit is equipped with a 700 mA/h battery allowing to play for more than a day without charging. Hit sensors made of shockproof polypropylene besides infrared sensors have RGB LEDs that signal about hitting.

Each of the distributed on the band sensors can spot a hit within a 180 degree angle.  Equidistant location of four sensors provides full 360 degree range and makes a game more realistic and fair. The connection between the headband and the tagger is wireless.

Shock resistance.

The sensors have polypropylene semi transparent body which is not only shock proof but also diffuses LED glow nicely.

Light indication.

One of the advantages of the RGB headband LasertagEuropa is number of colors it can emit. It allows to distinguish a player by a team or a game scenario role. The sensors can glow with white, yellow, red, blue and green colors. A computer, a smartphone or a remote control unit can be used to set the color. High brightness is achieved with two RGB LEDs which is extremely important for playing at large facilities.

RGB headband 8

Easy maintenance

The board of the control unit is as easy as unscrewing two bolts and takes not more than 15  seconds. This is because the board was not sealed  so maintenance has never been easier.  


Worth noting that for flashing or upgrading there is no need to disassemble the control unit as it has a port that allows to connect and complete the work in a couple of minutes.

RGB headband 2

Durability and comfort.

The headband is made of reinforced cotton fabric which makes it even more durable and mesh inlays  that decresed moisture absorption by 50% and improve air circulation. These feature add to the comfort during long games. The control unit is placed on the back of the headband. This is especially important when used by a child.  This new headband is safely fixed around the player’s head with a velcro. On busy days a headband is used by many people and the hygiene issue is solved with an individual strap that is mounted on the inner side of the band. A used strap is good again after washing.

Reliable wiring.

Flexible flat cables resistant to all types of impacts and bending make the headband more fail safe.

As a result we can offer a completely new model of headbands which became more reliable and comfortable part of the gaming unit.