FALCON F1 is a short version of the tagger rifle designed for kind under 14 years old.

FalconF1 Length 54 cm
Weight 900 gr
The optimum firing range 200 m
Battery type Li-ion
Battery life 24-48 h
Compatibility with Miles Tag yes
LCD screen yes
Bumper tip yes
24 months


Designing this tagger we aimed at creating a handy and safe game unit for the younger players. Laser tag clubs reported increasing number of kinds after introducing this tagger at their facilities. We noticed that at our club too. Kids under 14 are a way too big audience to loose. That is why FALCON F1 is absolutely necessary at every laser tag club. Another point of positioning for the younger audience is the enhanced durability against the wear and tear. As an outcome we got a tagger that perfectly servers both players and club owners.

Falcon f2 lcd 730x243


Ergonomics of FALCON F1

Previously, when children played with adult taggers with buttstocks they got the weapons dangle in their hands making them tired and loosing game thrill. Nowadays FALCON F1 can offer perfectly engineered for the children ergonomics that allows pure enjoyment of the gameplay. A 54 cm and 900 g tagger can be comfortable balanced in a kid’s hands and rested against one’s shoulder. We got a lot pf appraisals and the game duration increased from 20 minutes to several hours.

Durability and utility

FALCON F1 is made of an impact resistant ABS plastic. There are enforcement ribs inside the body to withstand falls, breaks and crushing pressure. To avoid stray presses of the power button it was recessed into the body. The optical systems and electronics were carefully hidden inside the tagger body so there is no chance they can be damaged while falling or buy a curious player. This makes the economic life of this tagger rather long.