It has to offer ease, durability, unique and attractive design at an accessible price. Usually you can find those features severally but not combined. Not in this case though. As this is an inhouse development of LasertagEuropa assault rifle laser tagger family FALCON. It took our company as much as a year of a hard work. As an outcome we created a game system we can be proud of just like any of its owners.

FalconF2falcon 2 Length 66 cm
Weight 1000 gr
The optimum firing range 200 m
Battery type Li-ion
Battery life 24-48 h
Compatibility with Miles Tag   yes         
LCD screen yes
Bumper tip yes
Warranty 24 months

Rifle FALCON F2 is a modification of FALCON game system. Unlike the junior model FALCON F1 designed for kids, FALCON F2 is made for adult players. Highly experienced inveterate players and first-timers, a big scale male or a petite lady they all will handle this tagger with ease. F2 is lightweight, just 1 kg while being 66 centimeters long. This provides a comfortable gameplay for long time and at once it is palpable as a real thing.
It stands to mention that the weight and the size of F2 were carefully balanced to let a player concentrate on a gameplay and not mention any inconvenience. The good balance is reached by shifting the pistol grip close to the middle of the body. That is why it is so easy to hold it with one hand. With a Li-Ion 2.2 A·h battery the tagger can operate for 24 to 48 hours.
As an option FALCON can be equipped with an LCD display that shows up to 5 data types at a time in the play and service modes. These are a number of lives, times tagged, ammo, hits, battery charge level. The LCD is protected from knocks and scratches by a 6 mm shatterproof screen.

Every day in many cities more laser tag clubs and arenas appear as the number of players grows. That is great but the wear of the rental equipment increases too. And we surely did not miss this point. Having a huge experience of servicing the rental equipment and knowing what it usually goes through we created rifle FALCON F2 to provide our clients with a truly tough tagger. Its body is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic and enforced with the stiffening ribs which allows FALCON F2 withstand the most brutal attitude.
Safety concerns.



Falcon f2

The design of our rifle has no sharp edges or protruding body elements. There are no detachable or moving parts so it is impossible to break the tagger or hurt oneself with it. Power and reload buttons are accurately recessed into the body so the stray keystrokes will not occur.
This game unit can be sealed with a soft rubber protection bumper to prevent any injuries if players run into another. It also provides an additional protection for the optics.
The acoustic module produces powerful and realistic sound notification of shots, wounds received, nearby shots, adversary tagged.
The electronics is safely fixed inside the body on the mounts to increase its lifetime.
Due to these features FALCON F2 is perfectly adjusted for rental and laser tag business use. And the best prof to this fact is the number of clubs in Europe that made FALCON F2 the tagger of choice.