The Radio Base from the manufacturer of laser tag equipment LasertagEuropa is a module which runs the game scenario and can be set for various game formats. It is good for both indoor and outdoor use.

Its feature is autonomous setting and controlling the game while Wi-Fi connection allows controlling the whole game process from the ground. It only takes to get the software to the Android phone or tablet.  I addition it can be configured with a remote unit which makes switching between different game formats easy and the does not require a lot of time.

Let’s look in detail why it is worth considering.

Operational principle.

Wi Fi base1

For the connection channel Wi-Fi was taken as it possesses all necessary for laser tag features:

The range of connection to all units which is 100 meters without using repeaters

  • constancy that provides possibility to maintain and configure 200 units at a time
  • interference resilience that is very important nowadays when everyone has a phone or a tablet or not even one that can create interference


  • Built-in 700 mA/h battery sufficient for operation during 24 hours
  • USB connection for configuration or charging
  • IR connection

Also it helped to improve the operating hours which is especially important when playing outdoors.


  • Statistics collection.
  • Sound signals setting
  • Uploading sound effects
  • Sound volume setting
  • Adding health points
  • Adding ammo
  • Shot power setting
  • Rate of fire setting
  • Game pausing and continuing

Wi Fi base2

Cost and staff efficiency

Due to the versatility of Radio Base and possibility to configure it with a cell phone or a tablet there’s no need in several employees as the task can be completed by on man not bound to the desk. All he needs is to be on the ground, instruct players and provide the statistics. Cutting the salary expenditures makes a cub more profitable.
The simplicity and ease of operation.

As mentioned above configuring Wi-Fi Radio Base is easy and noting more than a cell phone is needed. It suffices to install the application, switch the Radio Base on and set a connection. The application interface is clean and easy-to-understand, anyone can get it. And if not a manual is provided.

For the advantages outlined every club needs this additional piece of equipment.