RC is good for setting the laser tag equipment, guns mainly but additional units too. Due to the added Shift button it has a unique feature of increasing its capacity twice.

falcon tager 1 min

Main functions:

• activating taggers and other units
• assigning color to a team
• setting up shooting power
• adding life points to a player in the range from 1 to 255
• deactivating a player

Using the RC

Settings mode

RC was made to set taggers and other units:

• tagger
• control point
• universal point
• headband
• vest

and for managing a game.

The energy source for the RC is a Krona type 9 V battery.

This switch turns on the RC. (ON/OFF) universal point 2

To set up a tagger it must be on the line-of-sight and the distance must not exceed 5 meters. A unit must be on, of course. If every step is done properly the headband starts blinking with the team color set before and an audio message “everyone check your weapons and get ready” will be played.

To change the emitting power of a headband or vest sensor direct the IR emitter of the RC to the sensor and press (POWER) button. This feature is used to adjust to the place - indoor or outdoor and time of a day – daylight or twilight. Every press changes the power in a row out of two modes 50% or 100%. For bright light conditions set a sensor to 100%. When leaving the maximum power a shooting sound is uttered, for the 50% power the sound will be muffled. To the IR signal with 1% stepping a Radio Base is necessary.

Next button, number 3 (LIFE x 2)

is for increasing the number of hits on a player for a loss in a round. After this setting a tagger produces Morse like sounds, each signal equals to the number of hits. The maximal number of hits for a player to finish a round is 55.

Button number 4 (TEAM COLOR)

From its name one can guess that pressing this button will be changing a player’s color circle-wise assigning him to a team: red, blue, yellow, green. The tagger will signal the change of the color.

In addition all these settings can be changed on the fly.

Game mode

To start a new round all players must be on the line-of-sight within 5 meters from the RC. Pointing the RC to the headbands and pressing (NEW GAME) universal point 3 min button will start a new round and the taggers will utter Go-go-go! and all headbands and vest will give a short flash. After that the teams run to their starting points and wait for the round start signal. With a RC a marshal can spawn any payer at any place without returning him to the starting point. Likewise a referee can eject any player for instance the one who violates the venue rules.

To eject a player the RC should be pointed at the player and the fifth button (EJECT) should be pressed. In all cases the headbands will follow with sound and light indications.

Extended features of the RC.
With a Shift button the number of commands is doubled. Pressing Shift and one of five buttons simultaneously will assign a player one of five roles Stormtrooper, Hostage, the Last Hero, Zombie or Special Forces Soldier by default. Every role has its attributes like a number of life points, ammo, etc.; see a table below for details. The friendly fire is available too. To check the current friendly fire option status Forpost-Lasertag Operator software is required.

Setting a Control Point mode.

A RC allows setting up a CP. For a precise setting hold a RC vertically over a CP.
TO increase the hold time for 1 minute press (LIFE x 2) button, to reduce it for 1 minute press (TEAM COLOR).



Setting a Universal Point mode

To change the game scenario turn on a RC and a Universal point with (ON/OFF) switch. After that a signal will sound and a previously chosen gam scenario will be indicated with a light. For effective setting RC should be aimed to the inner part of a UP body.

Summary table of the remote control buttons commands by default 1

Pressing a (NEW GAME) button will sequentially switch the game scenarios.

To set the intervals of a UP emitter press (LIFE x 2) to increase the intervals by 10 seconds or (TEAM COLOR) to reduce it by 10 seconds.

Default button assignments

A RC has a unique feature of changing default button assignments through Forpost-Lasertag Operator application or a Radio Base.