Universal point manufactured by the known company Forpost has several modes:

• medkit
• radiation
• respawn
• random choice


The UP can add or reduce health points during a set time if a player is within the range of the UP. On the body of a UP one can see

• five inferred emitters covering a gaming zone
• on/off button
• battery slot
• indicators – pictograms for its modes

The settings are made with a remote control unit.
To set a mode the RC and UP should be turned on with universal point 2 button.
After turning on a sound is played and a previously set game mode indicator is shown. For smooth setting process the RC must be aimed at the internal part of the UP body.
Upon pressing 1 NEW GAME button the UP will be changing the game modes circle-wise.


Сatalogue laser tag 124

UP modes:

1.  Respawn
This mode, indicated by three sound signals, is active during thirty seconds. With this mode on all players with the range of the UP (around five meters) will respawn every 30 seconds. Usually a UP in this mode located at a team base so that the enemies could not see it. If a player appears within the range of a UP his headband will stop blinking and his tagger will utter Go-go-go!

2.  Radiation
All players with the range of the UP will get one health damage every at every time interval, for instance thirty seconds. The taggers will produce the sound signals same as when tagged along with a steady sound similar to Geiger counter.

3.  Medkit
The idea is similar to the Radiation but the health points will be not reduced but added by one point. The tagger will make a MEDKIT sound and a headband will blink once.

4.  Random choice
The UP will be set to switch one of the listed modes after a certain interval.
To set an interval of the signal emittance press   to increase by 10 seconds or    to reduce it. A maximum interval is ninety seconds and is accompanied by nine sound and light signals. These signals indicate the mode changes.